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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Szemcsak’s Kielbasa & Sauerkraut - Kiełbasa dymu i Kapustą - Bill Szemcsak

    •  1 Large Ring             Kielbasa (Polish Sausage)                                        
                    NoteIt is very important to get some good Homemade (butcher) Kielbasa.
    • 16 oz.                           Sauerkraut (cans or package)                                      
    • 2 Tbsp.                        Paprika                                                                              
    • 2 Tbsp.                        Shortening (butter, margarine or crisco)                   
    • Pinch                           Black Pepper    (to taste)                                                        
    • Pinch                           Salt                     (to taste)                                                      
    • Small Onion               Diced & Sauté (optional) 

    Slice the Kielbasa on a angle about ¼ inch thick.
    Place shortening on the bottom of a large frying (skillet) pan and place on low/medium heat.
    Cook until lightly brown on both sides, do not overcook.
    While cooking Kielbasa, drain sauerkraut, soak or wash in cold water.
    After Kielbasa is done cooking, remove from stove and remove kielbasa from the pan, but leave liquid in pan.
    Once Sauerkraut is wash or done soaking, Drain until it is somewhat dry. Place Sauerkraut in Pan, stir and sauté on low heat.
    While the Sauerkraut is sautéing, add Paprika, Black Pepper and Salt.
    Sauté until Sauerkraut is a reddish/light brown, do not overcook.
    * Do not let Sauerkraut dry out, add a little water if needed,
    while the Sauerkraut is almost done, add the Kielbasa and stir, cook until the Kielbasa is warm.

    NoteIf done properly, the Sauerkraut should have lost it tartest and not be overpowering.
    One More NoteRemember to Sauté the Sauerkraut and not "fry".

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