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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Noreen's Baked Chicken with Mango Coconut Glaze - Noreen Stephenson

Baked Chicken with Mango Mango Coconut Glaze, Panko Crumbs  
  • I used chicken thighs but any chicken would work;
  • Salt,
  • Pepper, 
  • Oil for the pan,
  • mango coconut grilling & glaze sauce,
  • Panko Crumbs  
NOTE:  I used a premade excellent bottle type of glaze and added a cup or so of fine chopped fresh pineapple I put in the food processor. 

Note: 1/2 cup cup of the glaze in the bottle mixed with the 1 cup of my fresh pineapple was plenty. If you eliminate the pineapple use more of the glaze in the bottle.  

Oil the bottom of a pan that will be roomy enough to hold the pieces (I used a corning pan) but any pan is fine. Place chicken in the pan and season w/salt pepper, kosher salt or any salt. You will add some of the glaze to each piece of chicken reserving the balance to add at the end. 
Bake for around 1 hour (I used convection bake at 375) 
NOTE: adjust the temp to your oven. 

NOTE: Drain off the liquid in the pan reserving a few tablespoons.  At the end I brushed on  the remainder of my glaze on each piece of chicken and added some panko crumbs and added some of the liquid to each piece on top  the panko crumbs.  I then put them on a careful slow broil so the sauce would set and the crumbs would slightly brown. Be carful not to burn them.

It is an inexpensive dish and a very tasty one. I had corn as a side dish and Baked Beans. 


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