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Monday, September 26, 2011

Lady Finger Chocolate Cake

Ty Fedak
Lady Finger Chocolate Cake

Very easy and quick to make.
- 20 or so whole (unbroken) lady finger sponge cakes
- 1 cup of rum (or a flavored liquor, like cherry)
- Chocolate icing

Pour rum into a pie plate. Place lady fingers one at a time into the plate and let it absorb some rum. Don't wait too long or they will crumble. After dipping, line up 4 or 5 cakes on another side plate. Spread a thing layer of chocolate between fingers. Dip another 4 or 5 cakes and place across (90 degrees) on top of first layer. Repeat with thin layer of chocolate. Repeat stacking another layer- always rotating 90 degrees between layers. Go as high as you dare, but it's usually 4 layers. Once done, sprinkle rum on top layer, then spread chocolate frosting over top and sides.
I guess you could also alternate rum soaked fingers on one layer and flavored liquor on the next layer.

Once you eat this, you will forget all about Tiramisu.

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