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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cubed Steak with Yuca (Cassava) - Lee Chico

  • 4 beef cubed steaks seasoned with Goya Adobo then marinate the steaks in a large bottle of Italian dressing a couple of hours. 
  • Place on high heat till it starts to boil and quickly turn down to low and cover tightly.
  • Simmer about an hour or till fork tender checking on liquid and turning once.

Serve with boiled Pierogies or boiled Yuca and pour the dresssing from the pan over the them.

I buy the frozen Yuca (Cassava) in a bag.
The Yuca will take about an hour, check for doneness by splittling a large piece to make sure it is cooked thru.


  1. I love Yuca, it was a staple growing up in my house as well as rice and beans. It was our white potatoe :) I don't eat red meat, however this recipe sounds great and would also work with chicken.

  2. Hi Chynadoll, I'm glad you joined and found a recipe that you can make and enjoy! I am still waiting for my brother to send me some of my mother's recipes to put on the site.