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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chicken Paprikas Hungarian Recipe Noreen StephensonFamily

Noreen's Recipe would be more Red Sauce Color than Photo.

Chefette: Noreen Stephenson...

Noreen is originally from Perth Amboy and grew up on Front Street and graduated from PAHS. Noreen's Mother was 100 % Hungarian. The recipe is from her Hungarian Grandmother "Esther"...handed down to Noreen's Mother "Irene" and now handed down to Noreen. It is Bowl Licking good! A good "Hunky" dish for sure!

This Recipe is for a slow cooker which Noreen prefers to use. According to Noreen the chicken is so tender and so moist when it is done and the juices really stay in the Chicken. She cooks with a Waring 6.5 slow cooker and is delighted with the results. That she paid around $49.00 for.


  • A large pack of Bonelss Chicken Breasts nice and thick makes at least 5-6 big thin is best to use boneless because this dish "stews" as it melts together and you can end up with a pile of little disgusting bones choking you or your family....UGH! 
  • Your Choice of either regular, light or fat free sour cream. 5-6 Tablespoons any of these will do nicely. Noreen recently tried the Fat Free and was pleased with it and found it did not effect the flavor. 
  • Two 28 oz cans of whole tomatoes...Hunts or your favorite brand (can have basile added to them) Please put them in a bowl first and cut through those Big whole tomatoes with a knife...break them down before they go into the slow cooker. 
  • One 28 oz can of crushed tomatoes...
  • Paprika...lots of starts when browning the chicken breasts 
  • 3 carrots cut up one inch or so in length (Carrots always add sweetness to a Recipe) 
  • One Huge Spanish Onion...(Vidalia's Rock)....or a White Onion...NEVER use yellow onions...It has been proven that they have a negative ,horrible gastric effect for many people. 
  • Pepper...HINT: Noreen prefers Pimenta Negra (sounds like a dance) ...the best large flake and milder pepper for cooking. Most Chefs or Chefettes use it..It can be found in Costco. Not to worry any pepper can be used. FYI: Those small pepper flakes can be deadly if you add too much...Pimenta Negra is forgiving... 
  • Salt ...Noreen prefers Kosher course Salt for cooking. Any Salt can be used...season to taste at lease 3/4 tsp for the entire slow cooker dish...taste it... Shake and taste! 
  • Parsley "Shake it up Baby"...and add to the slow cooker. Twist and Shout! Have on hand...corn starch or flour.....for the end result...Noreen prefers Corn Starch...

Ok we are moving along here...Now take the Chicken that is defrosted or fresh and DO NOT SLICE through those breasts...keep 'em large and rinse 'em off and get ready. Your Slow Cooker or Oven Pan is ready ...whatever...Ready....Set..Go! A Master piece in the making!!!! Calling all Hunkies!  
In a large Frying Pan with some oil added and heated and your chicken beasts all doused with Paprika...Nice and reddish and salt and pepper added add those breasts and brown 'em up ...turning over each side...
  • then add that chopped garlic just for a minute or so...
after you see they are browning some.. ( I BRAKE FOR GARLIC...LOL) DO NOT BURN THAT GARLIC, Garlic is disgustingly bitter if you burn it. NOTICE: DO NOT COOK THROUGH!!!! Just Sear them ...let that garlic envelope them... add that chopped Onion for another couple of minutes, we are almost done......WHEWWWW!!!!!!! Moving right along.....  
OK it's time to have add it to that already heated pan or slow cooker.....dump it in there, let it rip.....all of it...dont forget those chopped carrots too...once situated...add the 2 cans of whole tomatoes (which you cut down smaller) and the whole can of crushed tomatoes (makes more juice we shall need)..Add at least a heaping tablespoon of the Hungarian nector of the Gods...'Paprika"...It calls for a lot of it...The juice you added should be covering that dish Now I set my slow cooker on 5 hrs and I leave for work..I work ...I shop ..I shop..and I am home....and it is just the way I like it...stewed down and so tender...the carrots, onions and the seasonings just melt into it. OK its 4.5 to 5 hrs later on the slow cooker...fork goes through it like butter...Take the sour cream and add a little of the dishes hot sauce in a cup and add at least 5-6 TBS of the sour cream and stir it like heck...Dump it into the cooked dish and stir and stir and stir and stir...Now I suggest you add a little corn starch or flour to thicken it...1 tsp ...maybe 2 or 3...keep stirring ...FYI...if adding flour do it with a cool 1/2 glass of water and mix till no don't need to add lumps be patient and smooth out this wonderful sauce.  
Noreen wishes you the best of luck here on making this wonderful Ethnic Dish and hopes you can understand it...She can always be reached by a mere post here on the "Food Group Site" for any questions...Mongia...well this is not Italian for sure! It's the sourcream that makes this dish!.

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  1. FYI: The actual dish is not pictured. It will be more red sauce color because I added red sauce only lighter in color when you add the sour cream.